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Originally Posted by conspiracybeliever View Post
Good question. Let's get a commission to investigate.
Hey, no need for all the large type in your post: I agree with you that the destruction of WTC 1, 2 and 7 were controlled demolitions.

They were controlled by the laws of physics.

As for a commission, first you have to demonstrate the need for one.

You'll need to show that what you say is remotely (no pun intended) possible. It's instructive to watch one of the programs that shows the the enormous amount of preparation work necessary to be sure a large structure will fall in a controlled way, WITHOUT the intervention of airliners and raging fire. To say that the WTC collapses were "controlled" in the way a demolitions company would want them to be is absolute nonsense. Just look at the massive damage the buildings did to everything around them. Repairs are STILL going on at buildings the CTists claim weren't damaged at all, and you can see the 15-story gash in the Deutsche Bank building with your own eyes, along with the building that was destroyed next to it. There are some Ground Zero photos I took on Friday here–click on the "St. Paul's/Ground Zero photoset. What the CTists mean is "Isn't is suspicious that those buildings fell pretty much straight down?" No, it isn't. They were controlled by the laws of physics.

Conspiracybeliever, if you wan't people to take you seriously, you'll need to give people ANY reason to believe the following:

1) A crew of conspiring world's-best demolitions experts gets thousands of pounds of equipment and explosives past security and takes it on freight elevators to the necessary floors. (Alternatively, they sneak the equipment in in little pieces over a period of years and hide it all over the place until "assembly day.")

2) They tear out all of the necessary walls to expose the columns of the central core. This would involve shutting down the elevators, cutting the electricity, tearing out restrooms, storage rooms, equipment rooms, maintenance rooms. This would be pretty clear to you if you had ever been on one of the WTC floors in question. As you said,

Each tower's core contained 47 continuous box columns which ran from the bedrock foundations seven stories below street level to near the tops of the Towers, where they transitioned to I-beams. These box-columns measured 36 inches by 16 inches and were fabricated of steel four inches thick near the Towers' bases.

FEMA's report hides and minimizes the core structures whose their existence made the symmetric total collapses of the Towers due to gravity impossible. Even if the collision and fire damage could have induced collapse events, they would have caused the Towers to topple like trees, pivoting about the cores at the impact zones.

Destroying the core columns is key to achieving total building collapse, yet FEMA's long report has only one short passage explaining how the cores self-destructed.
For s...ts and giggles, I'll give you the "wireless remote detonators," although in real demolitions, miles of wiring and redundant systems are used.

3) They weaken the necessary structural members and install the explosives and electronic wireless radio detonators.

4) They repair all of the damage they had done: new walls, sheet rock, plaster, paint, woodwork, plumbing and electrical.

5) They clean up. Remember, cleanliness is next to wooness.

6) They get out unseen.

7) They do this every day, in three buildings, all of which have human and electronic security systems in place, not to mention the thousands of daily workers there, until the job is finished.

8) No one (and no security camera) ever detects them, their equipment or their huge construction project, on floors that are occupied 24 hours a day.

9) Their work is robust enough to withstand the impact of airliners traveling 500-600 mph.

10) The explosives and wireless radio detonation units are able to survive temperatures that are hot enough to weaken steel and melt aluminum.

You don't need a commission, you need an application!

If you CAN show that these things are possible, perhaps you can get the attention of a legislator.

Then, of course, you'll need some way to separate the conspirators from honest people, because I don't think you want conspirators on your commission, do you?

Showing that the controlled demolition theory is possible will require you to do real work in the real world.

"Huh? I'm not going to find proof by twiddling my mouse?"

Sorry. If you want to find the "real" murderers of the 2,985 and vindicate the poor, misunderstood folks in al Qaeda, you'll need to put your gumshoes on and spend a lot of time in the ol' archives. That's what real "investigators" do. A good place to start would be to answer this question: WERE there major construction projects involving the core columns done in the past few years on the buildings and floors where you believe the controlled demolition happened?

Have you done any original investigating, and if so, what have you turned up? Don't ask others to do your homework.

But I'll be a pal and make your job easier. Allow me to propose a theory that is far, far more plausible than the one you've propose. Feel free to explore it: it comes with a Creative Commons license.

Okay, we know the U.S. has planes that are stealthy to radar, right? Suppose those planes can fly high enough to also be virtually invisible to the naked eye (they probably can). Then suppose we have a technology that allows them to leave no contrails (or chemtrails, for that matter).

Now, we also know that the U.S. has GPS-guided "bunker buster" bombs with fuses that can be programmed to sense voids. These bombs can go through many layers of concrete/empty space/rock, etc. and then explode when they reach the predetermined void, such as Osama bin Laden's subterranean dialysis room. See where I'm goin' with this?

Suppose we have the technology to make those bunker busters invisible to radar and to the naked eye and recording devices, in daylight.

Problem solved. No invisible workers with invisible explosives did invisible construction at the WTC. No airliner pilots had to strike the exact floors where explosives were been hidden. Just this: a spotter called the location of the fires to the stealth pilots, who programmed the bomb fuses to explode on those floors, and dropped their bombs right "down the pipes." A special explosive would have to be used, but that's a minor point. Or perhaps the bombs had some king of high-tech bolas inside that wrapped around the columns and torqued them apart.

That's my theory, and I can't for the life of me figure out why a commission isn't investigating it.

Can you, conspiracybeliever?

p.s Lose the "squib," willya? Yer killin' me.

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