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Originally Posted by Pardalis View Post
It looks like a collapse to me, and there are NO SQUIBS from this angle.
Heh. The "squibs" are a knowing deception anyway to anyone with even a basic knowledge of how the towers were built. Notice that the CTers keep referring to the "center core columns" (as if they were continuous pieces of steel from top to bottom with no welds, no rivets, etc., but let's leave that aside for now). They know that the Trade center had two support systems -- the interior core and the exterior steel cladding. And yet they refer to the debris from shattering windows, which are clearly not cutting through the exterior cladding, as if it could be doing some useful work in bringing down the towers. Are they alleging that we're seeing explosions placed against the interior columns somehow making their way out to the exterior? Or that these explosions are demolishing the exterior even though the exterior is not harmed by the explosions? No. Neither of those things. They're merely saying that they are "squibs" and counting on the gullible to overlook that the CTers have already acknowledged that there's nothing worth blowing up with an explosive that would be visible from the exterior of the building except for the exterior itself, which is not harmed by the "squibs."
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