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I still don't understand why they feel the need to make the conspiracy so convoluted. Why not just fly a plane into the WTC and Pentagon and be done with it? Why not just use explosives to destroy either of them? What purpose is there to rig a building for the worst controlled demo on record, why even make it a controlled demo when you can just take out the support structure, fly a plane into it, wait for firefighters and police to arrive, then detonate the buildings. Then they have to wait several hours to destroy a seperate building, that wasn't hit by a plane, and raise unnesessary suspicion.

They also decide to hire witnesses to view a plane flying over the interstate in DC. They bring in wreckage from an airliner and bomb the Pentagon. Finally, they take flight 93, decide to save the lives of all the innocent civillians, which they had no concern for before, by dropping them off in Cleveland. Then recreate a crash site in Pennsylvania. Why? What exactly does this accomplish? Oh, no, wait, 93 was shot down. But why would they shoot 93 down if it was part of the conspiracy? Wouldn't it just be easier to fake a uranium purchase by Saddam if they wanted to go to war so bad?
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