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i really enjoy how all the CT'ers talk about how corrupt the government is and how evil the government is for planning and executing 9/11. yet, all the CT'ers still trust the gov. to inspect our meats and crops(usda) they still pay their taxes im sure, they still obey the laws. i mean, if everything is so corrupt how can you trust the government to be doing anything for you? i mean, if they planned 9/11 how do you know they arent slowly poisoning our water supply, or letting contaminated crops and meats ruin our farming industry which is already in shambles? How do you can you believe anything the government says or does?

These people think they got it bad from our government, they should go hang around darfur for a week or china or any of the other places on this earth where people are horribly oppressed/murdered for rights we take for granted.
I'm not saying some things arent screwed up over here, but in perspective to other countries we got it pretty good, and although i dont agree at all with the current administration i know im not going to get the death penalty for expressing my freedom of speech.
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