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Originally Posted by delphi_ote View Post
You're right, Ramooone. Their behavior is totally inconsistent with their beliefs. I pointed this out to them a few times, but I never got a response.

After my encounter with them, the only hypothesis I have so far that makes sense is that deep down, they don't actually believe what they're saying. It's just a fun game. It's fantasy or roleplaying. G.I. Joe for adults.
I've had similar conversations with CT folks and I've come to the same conclusion. If I honestly believed a tenth of what they say about the government were true, I'd take up arms. I sure as hell wouldn't be paying taxes or logging onto the internet to leave a record of who I was for that evil government to track me down when I exposed its nefarious deeds.

Ironically, however, I once had a conversation with a die hard CTer about social security that went
like this:

Him: The "government" is conspiring to take social security away from us. We can't let that happen, man!

Me: Wait. You believe the government murdered 3,000 Americans but still trust it to run your retirement?

Him: That's different. It's not the same people.

Me: WTF?!

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