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Originally Posted by Dackefejden View Post
As I stated I find it strange, I'm not saying it's impossible nor am I blaming the Bush Administration, CIA, Aliens, the Jews or the Smurfs.

I have a few point's/question's I'd like to raise:
Fair questions. But just so you know, we haven't exonorated the Smurfs.

If they were stolen/fake identities surely intelligence agencies would have or should have been aware of this and the ensuing media reports would've stated that terrorists using stolen identities flew planes into the WTC & Pentagon rather than pin it on innocent people who weren't even in the country at the time.
Correct. That's exactly what happened. This isn't so much an unanswered question as it is a lie by the CTers. They know full well the resolution of that "mystery," they just chose not to tell you.

If 19 Islamic terrorists under direction from a man in a cave with kidney problems are easily able to infiltrate the US which happens to be the biggest military superpower and probably the most secure if not most technologically advanced country on the planet as far as homeland security goes. Now if they were capable of firstly infiltrating the country and avoiding authorities whom should have been on their tail, yet they were even able to undertake flying lessons and book flight simulator time why hasn't this same terrorist organization been hijacking planes from say other Middle Eastern countries, Africa or Eastern European countries with airport security far less stringent than the US and been flying airliners into Israel or foreign US military bases/embassies on a regular basis? Or why haven't the sponsors of terrorism been supplying terrorist organizations with airliners laden with fuel and explosives to fly into Israel etc etc?
Because the sad truth is that for all our military might we were actually one of the least secure countries on the planet as far as homeland security. Once a person is in the US, they can do almost anything they want. To take flight lessons in, say, Saudi Arabia, one would have to get permission from the Saudi government. Here, you look in the yellow pages and pick a flight school. Anyone over the age of 16 can get a private pilot's license. Hotels, apartments, etc. don't require you to hand over a copy of your passport and they don't go to jail if you stay with them past your visa expiration. Our very freedom of movement made (and makes) us more vulnerable. As for Israel, they control their airspace pretty tightly -- they'd shoot down an incoming airliner well before it reached its target.

We are all aware that these Islamic fundamentalist's want to primarily destroy and delight in terrorizing Israel and apparently have an abundance of willing suicide bombers, does it not seem logical to assume if they were capable of terrorizing Israel as they did the US wouldn't it be common place to see news reports of airliners crashing into Tel Aviv rather than teenager's detonating explosive vests in cafe's & promenades, children throwing stones at tanks & armoured vehicles or launching crude home-made rockets?
The al Qaeda organization doesn't care about the Palestinians. In fact, no Arabs do, but that's another topic. Al Qaeda was primarily concerned with Saudi Arabia, the home of Mecca and Medina. It is Osama's contention that the Saudi regime is corrupt and too aligned with western interests (that's us) and that the presence of US troops on Saudi soil was a desecration of Islam. The organization has undertaken many terrorist operations in Saudi Arabia.
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