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delphi and chipmunk:

I want to be clear, I'm not an expert, but I have had experience with many of these compunds. I was trained as a Combat Engineer in the military. I've taken training from the U.S. Military on Improvised Munitions (which included Thermite, and various other explosives, incendiaries, and propellants that can be created in the safety and comfort of your own home), and I spent a year in Iraq with a Combat Engineering unit. Our main mission there was to blow things up (adandoned/dangerous buildings, Iraqi ammunition, vehicles, berms, IEDs, and other items). I have a copy of the Army's "Engineer's Bible" at home. That's the field manual that covers engineering operations, and includes sections about incendiaries and explosives. It also includes things such as the formulas to determine how much explosive you need to , for example, cut a steel beam or blow through a concrete wall. And I'm sorry, but a small hole blown in a 1 ft thick unreinforced concrete wall requires over a pound of C-4, assuming a best case scenario (shaped charges on both sides timed to detonate simultaneously) and stil lwould not result in much pulverized concrete. The amount that would have to be wired into the WTC if you assume explosives caused the pulverization would be staggering. I get the mental image of everyone going into work the next morning, and no one noticing that the floor was a foot higher due to the C-4 stuffed under the carpets

A little basic demolitions knowledge shows much of these arguments for the ignorance they are. The "Thermite scattered by explosives" idea is a perfect example. Thermite is a mix of two powders, that will combine in an exothermic chemical reaction once they get started (by heat). They don't work if they're scattered, because the powders seperate (different weights) and the small reactions that do occur don't spread enough heat to ignite other particles (it's too dispersed). A basic knowledge of what Thermite is and how it works, something that might take thirty minutes to an hour of research, at most, would put paid to the idea.

It shows how little research goes into CTer theories, and frankly it also shows how little they care about what really happened (despite thier mewling noises to the contrary).
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