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Originally Posted by Dinsdale Piranha View Post
I've been lurking over this thread and would like to bring up one point if it hasn't already been covered.

Among the 3000+ victims in the WTC, there were many who were not US citizens. If there were *any* evidence that the Bush administration was involved would there not be an international outcry for some type of sanctions? It seems that there would be ongoing investigations by the other countries and the U.N., with extensive global media coverage. So far I haven't heard of any.

Feel free to ignore me if this point has been discussed previously.
In fact, there's a long list of groups that would positively salivate over any GOOD evidence that Bush's administration is corrupt, not the least of which is the Democratic party. They're STILL gloating over the Watergate scandal, and the political back-biting between parties has only become more viscious since then.

geggy, do you think you're more clever than all these people? Don't you think that if your views are the slightest bit credible, that the Democrats, and a lot of other political groups, would be all over it?

And don't say that they're all in it together. If you've watched the news more than a couple of times in your life, you KNOW better.
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