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So let me see if I've got this straight. Claimed is that:

(a) Some shadowy cabal decided to destroy the World Trade center, motive unimportant.
(b) 767's hit the World Trade Center at speed.
(c) This was insufficient to destroy the buildings.
(d) A subsequent demolition charge finished them off.

Even if we ignore the fact that (d) is provably false, in fact quite insane, Mr. Geggy's claims are still unreasonable. How can this mysterious force be so clever to organize and execute this scheme "almost" undetected, yet simultaneously so stupid as to not, say, use larger 747's instead?

Any conspiracy with the means to execute this plan, would not execute this plan. No matter what the motive nor constraints, there were a wealth of better options to achieve the same results. This takes no particular genius to appreciate.

Mr. Geggy, if you are terrified of these people, I can only imagine the horror you would feel towards a conspiracy with similar resources plus some actual intelligence behind it.
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