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Little friend, here's hoping (as I have for others similarly involved) you make this issue your life's work. Sincerely, will you embrace 9/11 and dedicate yourself day and night for as long as it takes, even if it's forever? Please do.

You say you're, what, 29? So you've got something along the lines of fifty years left. Fifty years you can spend posting your links and sharing your home-made videos with the few who will listen. Five decades of frustration and anxiety as you cry out again and again, "Free fall! WTC7! Squibs!"

Then when you are lying, dying in a hospital bed, surrounded by however many friends and family you manage to acquire and maintain gathered to say their goodbyes, look them in the eyes, each one, and try to reconcile how you gave them all the finger with your immersion in your sad, sad game for all those years.

Imagine that. Do it.

You're wedded to a myth. A myth. Not even a good one, like some can be. And it certainly isn't a good conspiracy theory. That you imagine there is anything to debate in the first place only means that whoever handed you a high school diploma needs to be brought up on charges for being an accessory to dumb.

People are b****-slapping you in this thread. People are laughing at you in this thread. This forum is a kind of restaurant where critical thinkers are used to feasting on pate, truffles, and filet mignon. In you stumble and bounce from table to table trying to share your bag of Cheetos and you wanna know why people won't bite?

But you just keep on munching that "nourishing" snack. Eat 'em day in and day out and maybe you'll get to your final hospital bed earlier than predicted. And when you wheeze your last, those left behind will frown, shake their heads, and say...

I never thought he'd shut the hell up.
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