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When you cling to CT like a religion, it's not hard to dodge and weave.

True Believer: "The WTC was a controlled demolition."

Skeptic: "Look at this photo. Does that look like a controlled demolition to you?"

True Believer: "Watch this video, man."

Skeptic: "Watch the same unedited video."

True Believer: "Freefall, man. The building fell at freefall straight down."

Skeptic: "Look at this photo. Do see all the material falling faster than the main structure?"

True Believer: "Explosions, man. The buildings were blown up. That's what melted the steel beams and blew out all the dust."

Skeptic: "Explosions don't melt steel."

True Believer: "Thermite, man. Thermite melted the steel."

Skeptic: "Thermite is not an explosive."

True Believer: "Nukes, man. Nukes in the basement."

Skeptic: "Survivors from the basement say otherwise."

True Believer: "The Pentagon, man. Small hole. No plane."

Skeptic: "Different pictures. Big hole. Airplane parts. Passenger DNA. Witnesses."

True Believer: Bush sucks, man.

And so on ...
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