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One of the strange things about the CTs is their bull-headed determination to make their theory as implausible as possible.

For example, they drag Larry Silverstein into it. Why? It is quite possible to crash a plane into a building without first notifying the landlord. Why would then conspirators need to reveal their plans to him? He's just one more mouth to keep silent.

There's the allegations about the stock market. Me, if I was going to commit mass murder, I wouldn't mention it in advance to a bunch of share dealers, for fear that one of them might talk. The CTs, however, are eager to add these speculators to the list of people who are complicit and silent.

Then there's the bit where for no apparent reason the conspirators evacuate the passengers from the planes. This means that the conspirators now need ground crew to land the planes, secretly, people to hide the passengers, and you need to coerce forensic medical teams into pretending they found body parts. You need a whole call center full of people pretending to be frightened passengers phoning friends and relatives, and their deception must be perfect. And THEY have to keep quiet afterwards.

Now instead of involving all these people, why not just crash the planes into the building with the passengers on board? This would also have the effect of making people think that the planes crashed with the passengers on board --- and wouldn't need all the extra conspirators.

Then there's the fact that the planes were monitored on radar. If the planes stopped off somewhere to unload all the passengers, then this requires the people monitoring the planes on radar to be part of the conspiracy.

Again, we have to ask --- instead of involving all these extra people, why not just fly the plane into the building? By adding these senseless manoevres to the conspiracy, the CTs add hundreds to the tally of conspirators.

Then there's Flight 77. Apparently, the conspirators wished to give the impression that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. So they hid Flight 77 somewhere, and fired a missile disguised as a jumbo jet at the Pentagon instead. This, of course, requires lots of people to design and build a fake jumbo jet. And someone to fire it at the Pentagon.

Now, the conspirators could have dispensed with the services of all these people, and still given the impression that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon BY CRASHING FLIGHT 77 INTO THE PENTAGON. But they seem to be addicted to doing things the hard way.

So the CTs wilfully add in to the conspiracy a secret THE SIZE OF A JUMBO JET, and the people to design build it.

And so we come on to the controlled demolition. Not content with arranging one attack on the Twin Towers, the conspirators went to the trouble of arranging TWO, requiring completely different sets of technical experts. Instead of going with the claim that Evil Repulicans destroyed the Twin Towers BY CRASHING PLANES INTO THEM --- the CTs blandly double the size of the conspiracy.

There's the infamous "pull it" remark. Now, what were the conspirators thinking when they decided to delegate this bit of the conpiracy to firemen? Why not leave it in the capable hands of the people who rigged the explosives in the first place? But no, let's drag in yet another bunch of people to be complicit!

Now of course in order to make their theory PLAUSIBLE, the CTs should be hotly denying that it required the collaboration of FIREMEN, OF ALL PEOPLE. But instead, they insist on it.

And then there's the matter of clearing up the rubble of this controlled demolition. Four different firms were hired. Experts in the field, they would have surely recognised the shearing of the steel columns which would have been produced by a controlled demolition. All those people have to keep their silence.

Again, the CTs could save themselves this problem by simply claiming that Evil Republicans crashed planes into the towers, CAUSING THEM TO COLLAPSE. But no, instead let's add another few hundred collaborators.

And then the CTs make even more trouble for themselves by insisting that the fake collapse was a CLUMSY fake. Instead of making the towers collapse in such a way that they looked like towers collapsing, the conspiracy chose instead to destroy them in a way that the discerning can recognise as a controlled demolition.

Having done that, the conspirators merely need to coerce, blackmail and intimidate tens of thousands of technical experts in construction and demolition for the rest of their lives.

And more structural engineers graduate every year. Hundreds of them. FOREVER.

Now if the CTs really have their little hearts set on the use of explosives to bring down the towers, then why not say that the fake collapse was a GOOD fake which FOOLED the experts? But no: instead they require thousands of people to be coerced into silence.

By this point the conspiracy blackmailing and monitoring so many thousands of people that the number of people required just to do all the coercion is itself significant. People don't just blackmail themselves.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?. Perhaps the blackmailers blackmail each other.

And finally there are the CTs who wish to drag in every other violent event of the past century --- Oklahoma City, the shooting of Malcom X, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Now the conspiracy is not just enormous but has been HANDED DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. Without anyone talking.

The CTs' mistake, I think, is this. They suppose that the more aspects of 9/11 they argue to be bogus, the more weight this adds to their conspiracy theory. But in order to argue that any particular aspect of the incident was fake, they need to add another dozen or hundred or thousand people to the conspiracy. The result of this is that their theory now requires THOUSANDS OF TIMES MORE PEOPLE as willing or unwilling collaborators than would be required simply to crash the planes and blame it on a bunch of Arabs. And it requires the conspirators to involve all these extra people just, it would seem, for the heck of it. We have fake terrorists, fake passengers, fake phone calls, fake radar records, fake seismographic records, fake jumbo jets, fake building collapses, fake body parts, fake forensic evidence, and fake expert opinions --- and of all these ONLY THE FAKE TERRORISTS are actually necessary to produce a fake terrorist attack. All the other fakes seem to have been put into the conspiracy just to give conspiracy theorists something to talk about.

William of Ockham must be spinning in his grave.
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