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Originally Posted by dubfan View Post
Not sure if this has been posted here already, but just in case:

It details the ongoing FOIA lawsuit against DOJ/DOD to release any video that has been withheld of the Flight 77/Pentagon attack.
I really wish there was no video at all. It's just titillation for the slavering CTs. All this time they've refused to face reality because the government is withholding a VIDEO. Why in the world is the existing evidence not enough for them? Because they will cling to ANYTHING in order to extend their stay in fantasyland. The same CTs refuse to accept video evidence of other aspects of 9/11 when it is presented. So if the Pentagon footage doesn't meet their standards, there we go: years more of wild speculation and ignoring all the evidence that has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are wrong. It's so dishonest, and so disgusting.

Imagine that I'm on trial for murder. Dozens of credible witneses saw me commit the murder in broaad daylitght. The DNA evidence, and all the other physical evidence in the case, says I did it to the exclusion of all others. If I'm a CT, I can simply say, "Aah, but there's no video!" and stroll out of the courtroom, right?

If the video is he government's property, obviously it should be made available: that's our property and I can't imagine there'd be any reason to classify it. But it sickens me that the CTs have made an issue of its "importance."
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