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Originally Posted by geggy View Post
In my vision, it would be great if everyone put aside their differences, whether youre a liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, independant, whatever and come together as one because its all about humanity fighting (peacefully) against the violence and treachery toward humanity that poses great danger to the global civilization.
How does clinging to and repeating false beliefs about the nature of this danger, despite being shown over and over again that the information you've based these beliefs on is wrong, further this goal?

Trying to pin 9/11 on Bush is not going to create peace, geggy. You're chasing phantoms, not confronting evil.

Why not get involved with a group that is actually actively promoting peace. I belong to a Unitarian Universalist church, and we're intensely focused on social justice, both locally and globally. We try to promote understanding by hosting interfaith events, where church and community members gather with local Muslim groups to learn more about one another. You could join the ACLU or Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders or Habitat for Humanity. You could join the effort to extract our military presence from the Middle East.

You could do SOMEthing, ANYthing much more powerful and effective than spreading CT nonsense. Even simply living your life as a peaceful man would be more effective. Spreading fear and paranoia and apocalyptic thinking moves us away from peace.
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