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Originally Posted by Xraye View Post
By the way, regardless of which side is right in this debate, I think only a positive result can come from it becoming widly known and widely debated. If it is a governmental conspiracy, the reasons are obvious why that should be known. If it is just a bunch of conspiracy theorists who got all freaked out because they think they have evidence of a cover up, it's also good that the debate becomes more public so that those who get caught up in the conspiracy will be confronted with the truth.
One issue we've been facing is that the CTs have a HUGE head start in terms of getting their views "widely known." If someone new to these issues Googles a topic, they will see dozens of CT sites and probably no anti-CT sites. That amounts to an argumentum ad numerum in favor of conspiracy theories.

When I first heard of these CT claims 6 weeks ago, I assumed that they were limited to a small group of believers. Well, I certainly "misunderestimated" the power of the internet. 'Loose Change" is in the top 5 of Google Video views.

A time-tested CT technique has been to make wild allegations first and worry about evidence if anyone challenges the claims later. Meanwhile, lots of books and videos get sold. That's an extremely dishonest way of presenting a case to the public, and I resent the fact that if we don't respond to that dishonesty, more people are going to be duped every day.

Speaking of dishonesty, I noticed that you brought up, on the LC forum, the issue of people being banned there as opposed to here. A few people, such as Roxdog, said that the JREF mods are LESS tolerant than the LC mods. As usual, Roxdog and his cohorts are lying. The ONLY reason Loose Change people have been banned here is that some chose to deliberately break the forum rules more than once and then say to the mods, "Go ahead, ban me." And they received fair warning. If you hang with the Loosers you'll be with an incredibly dishonest crowd. I don't get it.
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