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Originally Posted by geggy View Post
I said that the reichstag fire, in which the communists were first blamed as the culprit, gave hitler the throne while sept 11 gave bush the 90 percent approval rating and the justification to do whatever he wants just as using it as an invocation for the reason of stripping civil liberties, illegal spying activities, torture, invading middle east to meet with their agenda, etc all of which hitler has also done. If you think about it, they both benefitted immensely from these acts of terrorism. The question here is did bush admin make it happen because as histroy shows, they knew it would solidify their power?
So which civil liberties do you no longer enjoy? And how does Bush's benefitting from 9/11 in any way prove that he caused it to happen? And who is "they" who have this agenda? Did Hitler also serve "their" agenda? And what exactly is "their 'agenda'"? To be eeeeeeeeeeeevil without any real motivation? To bring the fight to those poor, innocent Wahhabi terrorists? I confused. Btw, as was pointed out, Hitler didn't cause the Reichstag fire - just as Bush didn't cause 9/11. In either case, there's no evidence for complicity.

In 1998, my house was robbed and several guns were stolen. It turns out the thief had been a friend of mine who had developed a drug addiction. When the insurance cut me a check, I got more back than the guns were worth. I benefitted - by your logic, I set up that break-in to my own house so I could make a profit with the insurance money (the agent was also in on it). And since my friend later got shot by another friend he also robbed, he can't say otherwise. How convenient for me!!! Who benefits doesn't prove anything except that people usually make lemonade out of lemons.
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