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Originally Posted by dubfan View Post
Observe the woo in its natural habitat. Check under forum topics. Pentagon video threads are multiplying like bacteria.
Let's say I am the President, and I wanted to kill thousands of my own citizens by blowing up two landmarks in my country, just so I could justify a war on another country under the guise of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' (This is what the Loosers believe, right?).

If I was brilliant enough to pull off planting tonnes of explosives in two of the busiest buildings in the world, and smashing remote controlled planes into them at the exact moment these explosives went off, I think I would also be able to do the following:

1) Plant Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. I've got lots of them. I've got control of Iraq anyway. This would be awfully easy.
2) I'd release a crystal clear video of a plane hitting the Pentagon; even if I had to spend millions of dollars for a perfect recreation.

So far, we've got no WMD in Iraq, wire-tapping scandals, George Bush has a record low approval rating, the majority of Americans are against the war in Iraq, and the Vice President looking like an bumbling idiot for shooting his friend in the face. Ah yes, and now we have a video that's released as 'proof' of a plane hitting the Pentagon, which really doesn't prove anything.

So this is what I don't understand. Did the Administration start out being brilliant, then got really stupid? Is screwing up time and time again and turning the country against them PART of the plan?
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