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Originally Posted by Azrael 5 View Post
I agree,its playing into the hands of woo.Where's the video footage the feds took from the nearby hotel?
Im no Looser BTW just saying it shows nothing not seen already.Neither does it show anything remotely looking like a plane.
The woo-ness of it all is exposed by simply noting there is no need to use a missle instead of a plane when you've used at least two planes that day already!

Why bother with a missle? You're already using planes on three other proven occasions! Why not use a plane for the fourth?

God damned moron idiots. By the way, my wife informs me my brother-in-law is sucked in by loose change. She comes to me one day and says, "Have you seen this loose change web site?"
"Great innovations should not be forced [by way of] slender majorities." - Thomas Jefferson

The government should nationalize it! Socialized, single-payer video game development and sales now! More, cheaper, better games, right? Right?
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