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Originally Posted by Regnad Kcin View Post
An infinite number of monkeys pounding away at typewriters 'til the end of time couldn't craft more remarkable idiocy.
I'll have to respectfully disagree on this one ND. They've made it pretty clear on their forums that, at least some of them, view this as a crusade to undermine the gov't and truth be d@mn3d. If they are wrong, and I believe they are, they are detracting from real issues that people should be concerned about regarding the gov't; they are promoting the destablization of the federal infrastructure; and they are aiding (intentionally or not) those that would like to see the collapse of the US.

Unlike moon-hoax theorists, or Area-51 theorists, I don't think the wild conjectures of 9/11 theorists are harmless. Heck, Chomsky said it pretty good:
My reasons for giving this low priority are simple: it has been draining enormous energy away from work on far more serious crimes of the administration against the US population and the world (which is why, I suspect, it is getting such a tolerant reception in the mainstream, dramatically different from the hysterical abuse and slanders that are elicited at once by anything directed to real power interests). That would be sufficient reason to give it low priority.

Further reason is that to evaluate the alleged evidence requires the kind of expert knowledge that canít be picked up from surfing the internet: it requiressubstantial understanding of civil/mechanical engineering, the specific characteristics of the building, evaluation of photos, etc., and I donít see dropping what Iím doing and taking off a great deal of time to pick up the requisite background and evalute the evidence. And a story will also have to be told about the planes and passengers, the massive cover-up involving huge numbers of people and (miraculously) no leaks, and why the administration would have been so utterly insane as to try something like this (which hasnít the remotest analogue in history).

But those considerations aside, the vasts amount of energy being poured into this has been quite harmful to activism on serious and urgent issuesóhence the relevance of the speculations based on the declassification documents.
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