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The whole milieu in which they operated was omitted. The Rudys, Wolfgangs and Juergens they hung around with, the strip-clubs, the coke, the timeline and on and on. And yes, you are right. I have to base these claims on Hopsicker and the people he interviewed (like Attas girlfriend Amanda Keller). He sadly was the only one investigating.

WTC steel, Pentagon videos... you want to tell me the surveillance camera tapes lately released compromised national security? And again, these videos where not used in a federal investigation "USA vs. Unknown" but in a laughable trial against retarded and tortured Moussaoui. (btw, i think Flight 77 hit the pentagon, don't worry).

Is the Omar Saeed Sheikh/General Mahmoud/ISI-Connection covered in the Report?

Omar Saeed Sheikh wasn't involved in 9/11.

And apparently you've never heard of taqfir (or ketman). Lying to the infidel for the good of Islam is a sacred duty for believers in that doctrine. Martyrdom is sort of like the ultimate Yom Kippur, or indulgence in the old Papal sense of the word. Anything they do before then is stripped away if they martyr themselves for Allah - especially if they do things abhorrant to their sense of morality to throw the hated infidels off their trail (things like drinking and gambling publicly - drinking, btw, isn't nearly as bad in Islam as other things, you may find - ask any number of Turks or Iranians). Taqfir incidentally is strong among Egyptian Ikhwan/Wahhab-enthusiasts. And also, these weren't normal people, even among jihadis - even they have a low percentage of people who sign up to become suicide bombers. The 19 scumbags were extreme versions of the same insulating, encapsulating self-fulfilling pathology that affected Joseph D. Pistone. In case you're unfamiliar with that name, he was the undercover FBI agent whom "Donnie Brasco" was based on. I'm sure he felt repulsed by the things he did in order to keep from blowing his cover. Think of that as taqfir for the good guys - and he had a much less millenarian motive for doing what he did. There were no 72 virgins waiting for him when he got Benjamin Ruggiero and Dominick Napolitano thrown in prison.
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