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Hi everyone:

First of all it's my first post in here. I've been lurking for some time and after a long wait to get activated, here I am.

This is personal for me. I worked for SSB at 7WTC on 9-11. After seeing debris hit our building and taking 45 minutes to get down we had to go out the back of the building because of sooo much debris in front blocking the entrance.

I also lost many friends from Cantor who had just left my company to go over there. To deal with these CT's and their theories drives me insane. Little did I know that I missed the demolition people wiring my building for months and I didn't notice.

I would like to give a link to where Jason Bermas from Loose Change went on the Opie and Anthony show on XM. It's NSFW with the language and they rip the guy apart. Good stuff.

Edit:It looks like I can't post a link for 14 more posts. Just google "Opie and Anthony and Loose Change" to find it. It's worth a download, trust me

Korey Rowe is also scheduled to do talk on Paltalk on June 28th at 8PM EST. For those who don't know Paltalk, it's a chat software with webcam capability. The conspiracy freaks have been hanging out there for a few months.All you need to do is type in 911 in the search function after downloading the software.

Thanks for doing a great job debunking these guys.
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