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Originally Posted by XXX View Post
I'm sure you've got several post's worth of material on this interview alone. So much stupidity in there. I love the blog BTW.

I swear, I need to make a list of all the moronic analogies that the 9/11 folks have made to try and explain things they don't understand. For example we have...

* WTC couldn't have collapsed like that because as a tree falls it doesn't turn into sawdust.

* WTC couldn't have collapsed because if the Kebler elves carved a home in the inside of a tree that tree wouldn't fall (listen to the interview!)

* No plane hit the Pentagon because if you stomp on a soda can (made from aluminum) the can doesn't disintegrate.

* No plane hit the Pentagon because if you light a kerosine fire under a soda can, the can doesn't "vaporize"

* No plane hit the WTC because if you build a little model of the WTC and push a model jet into it, the wings break off.

ect, ect...
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