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An open message to Killtown from an Old Friend of the Forum


I was asked to post this here by the person whose signature appears on the bottom of the message. If anyone has doubts on that score, I will post the salutation from the message in this thread.

I open a new thread because the topic addressed (Pentagon) is not really part of the other threads and I do not wish to cause a derail to those discussions, so I determined to open a new one.

More of my comments to follow, but here is the message:

I am certainly aware of people like yourself who believe that those of us who suffered on 9/11 must be part of some giant plot, either as dupes or plotters. I was in the Pentagon when the plane hit, I held parts of that aircraft in my hands, covered with fuel and oil, and I helped with the triage area. I helped a guy with a headwound, aided ambulances coming in, and suffer to this day with ongoing nightmares on a very regular basis. When one has seen what I saw, and had to do what I had to do, the images, the smells, the sounds, resonate in your mind forever.

I do not object to your desire to dispute the facts of that day. While I feel you are hopelessly naive and silly, that is your right. But please know that your page on the Pentagon crash is deeply offensive to the survivors such as myself. Again, it's not that you argue. But your tone is one of mocking, of making light of the greatest suffering I ever saw in my 25 years of military service. Your fake "quotes," your quips, all mock the pain of those of us that were there, and served that day. I am very likely one of the people in some of your photographs, and I assure you our thoughts were not about the grass (a silly claim you make, by the way), but were deeply, intensely worried about the people hurt, the people left inside. I will never forget that day, and while I can forgive your foolishness in not understanding the facts, the science, the reality of that day, I find it much harder to forgive your willingness to laugh at those who were so terribly hurt that day. Such an attitude shows you to be a cruel and heartless person, in addition to silly one.

LT Col Hal Bidlack
USAF Retired

Hutch again. For the many new people who have joined the JREF Forums, Hal Bidlack is a good and great friend of Mr. Randi and a staunch supporter of both the United States and skeptical thought. He has, for reasons in the past, decided not to post directly on the JREF Forums, a decision I respect but wish he would change, as you can see he has both intelligence, style, and something worth saying.

I will say this: I have learned three things in my years posting around the web:

1. If you are arguing against Jay Utah in regards to the Moon Hoax, save yourself energy and surrender immediately.

2. Never try to match Limericks with Mercutio.

3. If Hal Bidlack is on your side, don't worry about your're covered.

Killtown, I doubt you will respect this post or this poster anymore than others here; but I would suggest that you read it very, very carefully. and maybe, just maybe, learn.

Press on.
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