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Time to take on this "it looked like a controlled demolition" fallacy

I did a quick search on youtube and google videos and found some clips of different CD events.

This one is probably the closest to what we saw in WTC7, it is the landmark tower in Fort Worth. It does fall in a very small area but besides that not much is the same. First of all you can hear numerous explosions going off before the collapse starts, then when the main charges go off their is a huge explosion at the base. Neither of these was observed at WTC7. Also you can see the building breaking into smaller sections as it falls.

Here are some others

Besides the fact you cant find any example of a building being blown up from the top down there are two things that really stand out. First, in all the videos with sound you can hear numerous small distinct explosions going off before the main charge. Second, in nearly all cases the building is brought down in sections, not in one big piece.

Of course both of those things are the very reason that they call it a "Controlled" demolition. They use the small charges to weaken the building in key spots so when they fire the main charges it will break up and fall where they want it to.

This brings me to another point, controlled demolition does not mean "drop in its own footprint". Several of those videos show buildings falling over instead of down, the "control" part is getting it to fall in the direction you want.
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