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Just for laffs, from our resident village idiot JDX ->

"4-5 mins behind" changes from year to year in the US. One year it was 4.. one it was 5. And its not just based on weight. The 757 has the largest wake of any aircraft. More so than a 747. You do know that a 747 weighs more than a 757 right Bill?
Well there might be weird standards in the US, but when I flew into LAX for years they used ICAO standards, which are basically one, two, and three minute separations for arrivals and departures behind heavies.
I'm not going to reproduce the table to work it out here but it's divided up into three weight groups, light, medium, and heavy. Light stuff is little aeroplanes, such as small turboprops, etc. Medium is 737, 767, etc. Heavies are 747, 777, etc. As the experiment in artificial stupidity mentioned though, the 757 is an odd one because the wake turbulence is makes is equivelent to a 'heavy', so for separation purposes ATC use the three minute standard, just like a 747.
However, he's just making crap up with the "The 757 has the largest wake of any aircraft" ting - That's just plain bulldust, either an outright lie or sheer ignorance.

Bill... do you know the difference between Mmo and Vmo.. ? and if the aircraft was only at .7M, yet Mmo is .86.. .do you think the aircraft speed was not exceeded?
Well not surprisingly I do, having flown a 747 on a test flight to check out that very thing. And I even took photos, and here they are.

That's Vmo on a 747, and below is Mmo.

Vmo is a function of dynamic air pressure, and Vmo is a function of the ratio of true airspeed to the local speed of sound. Then it gets technical from there and I don't want to lose our pretend pilot so that will do.

Now it's blindingly obvious that Flt77 was way above Vmo. And being a Boeing it hung together - Just like many other Boeings that have undergone upsets waaaay outside what Mr Boeing intended the aeroplane to do. Like the China Airlines 747-SP that lost an engine in the cruise over the Pacific and then the crew screwed-up and let the speed get too long, then the big plane stalled and dove down at close to mach one. The pulled well over 5G's arresting the dive and also put the landing gear down to try to wash off speed. The gear doors ripped off and hit the tail, taking about 10' off the horizontal stabiliser. The wings were also bent upwards from the pull-out, and the APU ripped from the mounts .... but the plane still flew.

Sorry JohnDoeX... you are the most braindead hypocrite whose posts I have ever read. That's not a personal attack, it's just my opinion.
Hey, you're not alone dude. And no, that's not one of the three handles I have there, sorry to dissapoint the forum tyrant.

And all the rest ... blah, blah, blah .... crap that shows he hasn't tried to understand what anyone that isn't him is writing.

Ah he still hasn't worked on that old scientific method thingy. So he hasn't worked out that Google Earth may be right for elevations all over the place in the US, but if it's wrong right where we are looking then it's still wrong. And Russell (Who I have never contacted) and I have both shown that it's clearly wrong around that intersection.

Ho-hum, the things you do to amuse yourself while downloads finish.
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