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Originally Posted by TruthSeeker1234 View Post
No, the clocks are not incorrect. They are time stamped with UTC. The 12-second sweep time could create a margin of error of +/- 6 seconds, which is still not enough to explain the 17 second discrepancy. However, the data are not based on a single radar, they are based on 5 radars, with independent sweeps. This data is processed through software logic to arrive at accurte event times. The data of impact times comes from FAA, and they are accurate to within 1 second.
Reposted for Trooofseeker1+2=4. Since he is going to keep repeating himself despite being shown to be 100% wrong, I'll keep repeating myself until he backs up his arguments with evidence...

ETA I did a little reading up on this. The NTSB/Commission impact times are estimates.

screencapped from:
Radar Data Study For All 4 Flights

AA 11 Flight Path Study
UA 175 Flight Path Study

Its obvious they had to "fudge" the numbers, all the clocks were in disagreement including AA77s and UA 93s FDR clocks. The ARTCC Centers arent UTC, they set the time themselves and there were disagreements. The first document I linked also details the sweep times on page 2 and they are indeed 12 seconds.
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