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Chipmunk has offered nothing whatsoever in support of his proposition. In the above post appears no evidence, no logic, indeed no indication that Chip has any idea what is being debated.

He has provided a single link to the NIST homepage, which he himself appears to distance himself from, as he does not purport to represent the "official theory", whatever that may mean to Chipmunk. We have therefore a short list of what is NOT present, yet no indication that Chipmunk has any explanation whatsoever for the "collpases" on 9/11.

Given the complete lack of evidence, the lack of reasoning, the lack of any cited facts of any kind, the lack of any picture data, the lack of eyewitness testimony, there is nothing. Chip has utterly failed to even show up for, much less advance his argument.

If you went on TV Chip, and stood there and said, "The government studied it, go read the report", how persuavive do you think that would be to the audience?

This does not merit any further response. Is this the best that JREF members can do?

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