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JAQing off - 1. the act of spouting accusations while cowardly hiding behind the claim of "just asking questions". 2. asking questions and ignoring the answers.
"He said he was going to present evidence, but instead he was just JAQing off."

Disasterbate - Convincing oneself that a major event is actually a government conspiracy. Usually involves ignoring evidence, quote mining, and watching internet conspiracy movies.
"After he heard about the explosion, he couldn't wait to get home and disasterbate.

Mutual Disasterbation - When one conspiracy theorist uses another conspiracy theorist to validate his own crazy speculations.
"The Loose Change forums are a den of mutual disasterbation"

Keeblergonomics - a little known branch of science based on make-believe, tree-dwelling, cookie-making elves (see also: elfisics)
"The towers should have toppled like a tree based on these keeblergonomical calculations."

Bermass - a loud-mouthed conspiracy theorist.
"When all he did was yell 'liar liar' over and over, I knew the guy was a bermass"
"You are claiming it wasn't one. That is a positive claim." - Russell Pickering
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