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poll it (v.) - The act of using incendiary language to blow up an opinion poll such that the 9/11 Truth movement appears to be at least 50 times larger than it actually is.

(v.) - The act of noticing a strange car outside your house, assuming it's FBI, calling the police, having the people in the car tell you're they're just undercover local cops, not believing them, threatening them, telling them you're going into the house to get a weapon, getting arrested, losing your job, and then blaming it all on the Jews. Usage Note: Because of the low likelihood of anyone actually being stupid enough to do all these things, the word may be used in a looser sense to describe any attempt to blame a personal misfortune on some shadowy world-domination entity, when it was really your own stupid fault. "Example: All the 9/11 Denier candidates for Congress lost, so they'll probably try to bollyn the results off on Diebold."

medict (n.) - Pronounced ME-dict. Any press release written about yourself in the third person, and uploaded to unselective conspiracy websites in hopes of convincing the world of your obvious greatness, often at the expense of your rivals. Example: "When Chris Bollyn bollyned himself, he wrote a lot of medicts about it."

I'm not thrilled with "medict", so if anyone can come up with a better word for that concept, feel free to suggest it. "Smugshot" would be perfect, but that would seem to describe a picture, not an article. I couldn't think of a word for arrogance that portmanteaus nicely with "press release." "Mess release" and "press me-lease" don't get there. Bonus points if you can work in the "happy ending in a massage parlor" meaning of "release."

I hope this will open a new avenue of discussion on this thread. If you can think of a 9/11 Denial or general CT concept that needs describing, but not a word for it, post the concept and we'll all take a whack at it.

Incidentally, all the suggestions on this thread have been awesome. I particularly loved Disinfo Argent, necescalation, dodgic, mypothesis, coinvidence, and my personal favorite: disasterbate. That word is such a perfect description of the Troofers.

Also, I want to address a pronounciation issue from an earlier entry:

pretire (v.) To be forced to retire early for making idiotic and embarassing claims, and then pretend it was voluntary. May be pronounced PRE-tire or pruh-TIRE, depending on whether you wish to emphasize the pre- suffix, or make the word sound like "pretend." Example: "Steven Jones pretired."

The previous pronounciation limited the word to the "pretend" meaning. But dangit, I work hard on these words, and I will not have any potential subtext go unexplored.
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