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Originally posted by Jon_in_london

Some quotes from the appeal court judges:

............I should record that Dr Donegan {the mothers 'expert' and homeopath}, in supporting the mothers' objections, had not argued that the MMR vaccination was in any way to be linked with autism, nor had she argued that there was any heightened risk from giving those immunisations as one rather than three separate procedures, nor that the MMR vaccination as used in the United Kingdom contained any element of mercury.........
I am just passing through... but I would like to clarify that if the MMR contained any mercury, thimerosal or any preservative it would be rendered useless. It is a live virus vaccine that comes as a freeze-dried powder and must be reconstituted in sterile preservative-free water.

It is easy to figure out that someone does not know what they are talking about when they say "the thimerosal that is in the MMR...".

I pointed this out on a listserv I am on after one parent tried to claim thimerosal was to blaim in an MMR vaccine message. She was livid (she accused me of not using good science, ROFL! ... I putting that in the catagory of the loon who told me through a private email that she had it on good authority from the Mayo Clinic that vaccines cause cerebral palsy!)... but after a bit of reasoning with the moderators my message was posted.

Unfortunately the moderators of that listserv are too quick to pick up the "alternative" bit... but there are enough real medical folks to keep them straight. One of the new members is epidemicologist (oh, shoot, I forgot how to spell it, or even say it) who made a great post on herd immunity. Apparently afterward her emailbox was flooded with anti-vax rantings from those who are so sure that the vaccine caused their child's disability. sigh
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