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Originally Posted by JamesB View Post
My God this woman is stupid. I just read the newest version of her paper. She shows a seismograph for an earlier earthquake in Manhattan and compares it to a seismograph from one of the towers falling. She says they look suspiciously different, and suggests it was altered. Well duh, one happened from a naturally occuring seismic event, while the other from a large building collapsing, they should look different.

Charles Darwin was wrong.
You can't be serious; I'm amazed she was even allowed to teach at a University.

If she actually bothered to research things she'd have known that earthquakes initially produce seismic wave forms called P Waves, then S Waves. P for primary as these are the fastest wave forms and thus are recorded on the seismograph first and S for secondary.

The WTC collapse caused what's known as Rayleigh Waves.

So the fact that these seismic wave forms are completely different because they are produced by two totally different events (as you say) is it any wonder they are different, jeez.

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