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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
There´s a BBC-documentary out there that claims that the
Name "Al Qaida" was invented by the american intelligence.
So far i did not see any sources that disproved this claim.

Does anybody in here know more about it?
I posted this info here a while ago. It is excerpts from an email I sent to a truther (nesnyc) who claimed that there was no mention of al Qaeda in the media before the year 2000, and that the US Justice Department invented the name.

Al Qaeda's first known mention in print, "Al Qaeda al Sulbah," was by one of its co-founders, Abdullah Azzam, on page 46 of the April, 1988 issue of "Al Jihad."

The first reference to al Qaeda in the mainstream U.S. media was on 14 August 1996, in a UPI article that referenced a U.S. State Department Fact Sheet issued that day:

“Earlier, during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Usama Bin Ladin drew on his family’s wealth ‘plus donations received from sympathetic merchant families in the Gulf region’ to organize the Islamic Salvation Foundation, or al-Qaida."

The full text of that State Department memo is here:

The FBI began its criminal investigation into al Qaeda's activities in the U.S. in 1996, based upon information from an informant who had been brought in by the CIA.

On August 24, 1998, MSNBC ran a story about bin Laden's ties to the CIA which mentions al Qaeda:

"In fact, while he returned to his family's construction business, bin Laden had split from the relatively conventional MAK in 1988 and established a new group, al-Qaida, that included many of the more extreme MAK members he had met in Afghanistan."

The New York Times first mentioned "al-Qaeda" four days later, on 8/28/98.

Then there were the September, 1998 U.S. arrest warrants and November, 1998 indictments which mention al Qaeda's history extensively:

Finally, as for al Qaeda not existing, someone should really tell Osama bin Laden, because he uses that name all the time. Al Jazeera reported in 2001 that bin Ladin spoke about the origin of the name: "We used to call the training camp al-Qaeda ["the base"]. And the name stayed."

The bin Laden statement that immediately came to mind when I read your email was his famous "Your security" video message of November, 2004, in which he mentions al Qaeda as a real organization eight times. You can watch that video, and read al Jazeera's translation, here:
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