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Mr. Rodriguez relplied to my Email asking to clearify the confusion in this thread:

Originally Posted by William Rodriguez
I am on a tour through England. I read the thread and to clarify something I said many times and many times have been changed by the press and everyone involved is that I did experience an explosion before the plane hit. I am not an expert in explosives and do not say it is a bomb like everyone has quoted me. I have many witnesses that experienced the same thing , not only Mr. Felipe David but others as well. They were available to the 9/11 Commission and never called. I was part from the very begining for the creation of this Commission and we were not treated well at all. The families created a Family Steering Committee to post questions and we were shunned. I disagree with James Randi that I joined the Conspiracy nuts. I personally told him that I did not want to be used by them or anybody else but was steadfastly expressing the truth of what happened that day. My testimony was even changed by CNN written editorial that does not match my actual interview video with them. My story has not changed, and though I respect Randi, I totally disagree with him on that point. I am an eyewitness and my testimony is used in court. I experienced the event. I testified about it. I agree that there are many conspiracy theories out there. But I am basing my mission on my experience, not speculation. Within the first 3 months after I was pulled from the rubble I appeared on close to 14 television specials in spanish talking about the same thing. At that time I did not know about any conspiracy or questioning the goverment. I did not even know of any 9/11 truth movement undergroung.

I do not have anything to gain. Economically, I was even homeless and not even my closest friends were there to give me a hand. Fame? definitely not, I already made history for my work "after" the event, helping the families and survivors, I worked on countless of programs for my community including the undocumented and my fight for the first responders that are dying because of "Ground Zero syndrome" the health problems after the collapse of the towers. On this issue we were told 5 years ago that we were "crazy" to think that the goverment would allow a health catastrophe like this to happen. Years later and through coourt papers of a suit against the EPA , we found out not only that they knew, but the allow it as well. And now 23 first responders have died and countless others are sick. So sorry if I do not take the goverment explanations at full face.
Last, funny everybody brings the position that the ball of fire went down the center elevator shaft and exploded in the basement, since the actual elevator operator of the 50A car is alive and after braking both ankles did not get burned by any of this. He should have been burned alive. He was never called to testify.

William Rodriguez
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