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Sam...want to explain these please.

WING TV Interview with Sam Danner (excerpts) - August 10, 2006, 8:45 pm

Victor Thorn: On the morning of September 11, 2001, at approximately 9:37 am, were you at the Pentagon when the Pentagon event took place?

Sam Danner: No sir, I was not at the Pentagon. I was at my home in Hagerstown, Maryland, watching, I guess, the first tower get hit.

Lisa Guliani: Sam, I just want to make it very clear to our listeners. You were NOT at the Pentagon at the moment of impact, correct? You didn't see any impact?

Sam Danner: I was not at the Pentagon at the moment of impact. I was not on Route 27 south at the moment of impact. No, I did not see a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. I was not present. I was in Hagerstown, Maryland at the time of the collision.


Dylan Avery's Loose Change Forum (excerpts) - August 8, 2006, 9:15 pm

I am Sam Danner, Matthew Danner's father.

What my son Matthew has told you is very true. I was at home when the World Trade Centers were hit. Yes, I got my son out of bed and we watched it on TV. I lied to you the seeking public on the truth about 9-11.

I did not, and I repeat, did not see anything hit the Pentagon. I lied about the whole alleged crash. However, my encounter with Pentagon officials stands.

I am sorry that I lied to the American Free Press, and I am sorry to Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn. I am sorry to everyone on this board.


E-mail from Sam Danner to his son, Matthew Danner - August 4, 2006, 9:44 am (excerpts)

As you well know I sent you and Pickering and Piper and Chris an e-mail saying that I lied about the whole thing.

Do what you have to do, son. I deserve it. I sent everyone an e-mail that I lied, and I am going to contact Piper to make sure that he knows I am the bad guy.


WING TV Interview with Sam Danner (part two) - August 10, 2006, 8:45 pm

Sam Danner: I just have a wild imagination. But it made the story complete. Because if I said I saw the thing come around, this unknown thing, and because I've got other people - other 9-11 truthseekers - wanting me to see a Global Hawk. That's what they wanted me to see.

Lisa Guliani: Let me stop you right there. Sam, who wanted you to see a Global Hawk?

Sam Danner: You really want me to say that?

Lisa Guliani: Yeah, yeah.

Sam Danner: Eric... umm umm.

Lisa Guliani: Hufschmid?

Sam Danner: Yes. Begins with an "H". Hufschmid.

Lisa Guliani: He wanted you to see a Global Hawk?

Sam Danner: Okay, I wasn't sure. I thought it was a cruise missile that hit it. This is my personal opinion. But I didn't know anything about, you know, about this Global Hawk thing. Eric sent me this picture of this thing, and that jet engine reminded me of a cruise missile. I just went ahead and felt ... that I felt more or less a psychological pressure. He didn't say, "Sam, this is what, you know, you've got to say you saw this." But I felt that this was what I was supposed to say I saw. It flowed good with the story. I can't blame this man. You know, I'm taking the rap for this. But you know, I guess I was helped out, or edged on a little bit. But I'm not blaming him.

Lisa Guliani: Did he send you pictures of any other type of aircraft, or just that one?

Sam Danner: No, ma'am. He just sent me pictures of that particular device.


Phone Messages from Sam Danner to Matthew Danner (excerpts) - July & August, 2006

Sam Danner: You know I like to mess around with people's minds and stuff. But I know it wasn't a 757 that hit that thing, so I don't know. It doesn't justify telling them a story that was that other thing - that Global Hawk. So yeah, I admit my faults & failures. Yeah, it was outright trash.

Sam Danner: This is something that is 65% true. Yes, it's got some lying in it. All right? I'm gonna deal with that myself. But for that least little glory that I would get, let me have that.

Sam Danner: Eric, the producer, said that the story is too hot to let go because the Pentagon stuff is more important, uhh, than the other thing, the made-up stuff about the Global Hawk and all that crap.
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