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Thanks much, Oliver, for posting the link to the Hustler story.

I loaded the PDF and, holding off on brunch until afterwards, forced myself to read The Tripe. A prudent decision on not eating beforehand. The pukery and turdliness reeking from the Hustler "investigation" is enough to challenge the stasis of anyone with a wrought-iron stomach.

Cleverly assembled, deceptively revealed - this story is yet again demonstrative of how skilled the lying Inside Jobbers can be, when the "right" people are set to the task of winning over wannabe woos. Someone leaning towards woo can be swayed by just this single article. It is very skillfully done. By revealing Inside Job support from a broad spectrum of players - scientists to whistleblowers to talk show hosts to celebrities - the wannabe woo is left with the impression that it would be crazy, even dangerous, to NOT accept the premise of vast conspiracy.

I remember the day I decided to never look at another Hustler magazine. It was after seeing the sick and mean-spirited content levelled at the deceased Princess Diana. Now, my evaluation of princesses, kings, dukes, queens and so forth essentially mirrors the attitudes protrayed in Monty Python's Holy Grail movie. As also noted in the film with Audrey Hepburn called Roman Holiday, Eddie Albert's character states: "C'mon Joe, it's open season on princesses!". But what Larry Flynt was doing went WAY over the line. The depths of horrific disgust had never been plumbed so completely. I realized then that something permanently wrong had happened inside the brain of Larry Flynt. And I didn't need to buy or see his magazine, ever again.

The lies, the very careful skimming of conspiracy statements, the editing, the pictures - this is a masterpiece of vomit-inducing deception. That is, to those of us who have the ability to live in the real world and critically analyze its ebbs and flows. For the wannabe woos? This is all they'll ever need to start the idiotic chanting of "inside job, inside job!".

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