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I've got to say, I'm fascinated by 28's thoughts (or lack thereof) of how the upper mass was supposed to have fallen outside of the lower mass.

Now, I can't animate, but I wanted to help 28 with a graphical representation of what the official line is versus what he seems to be thinking.

First of all, all of these examples are showing what would happen after the fulcrum (outer columns) fail. Someone earlier stated that that would occur with as little as a 3% bend. The fulcrum breaks, and the upper mass smashes straight downward, with all the resultant damage:

But 28 believes the tilt of the upper mass would continue rotating, forcing the upper mass clear of the lower mass. How would this happen? Perhaps it would slide off:

That not crazy enough for you? Perhaps it would flip off:

What everyone is trying to tell you, 28, is that there are no forces which would force the upper mass to go totally outside the lower mass. The entire force of the moving upper mass is brought to bear on the next floor below the damaged impact zone. That would fail, and so would all the other floors, hence a global collapse.

Here you go: pictures. Does that help in some small way?
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