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Originally Posted by twinstead View Post
What kind of kooky investigation is that?
This kind of kooky investigation.

Chris Sarns, AKA Christopher7:

"That JERK in the White house OFFed 3000 people."

"At 63 or any age I'm trying to save my country from the unspeakibly EVIL men who MURDERED 3000 Americans on 9-11."

"It's up to us in the US to blow this thing wide open.
I won't settle for a bandaid,
We need to do some serious whole world house cleaning."

"We don't need another investigation. A little common sense will do."

"We don't need a paper trail. There's enough video and documentry evidence to convict Cheney et al of high treason!"

"My evidence is the 4 min. video and common sense."

"Yes, the photographic evidence is enough for me, and any reasonible person."

"This case will be tired in the court of public opinion and the positive social effect will be a major house cleaning in Washington. (God willing)"

"The government will NEVER allow a meaningful investigation."

"Can you name one Senator or Rep. calling for an independent investigation or saying "911 was an inside job"."

"This issue will be decided right here on the web, the only place where the truth can be spread."

"Bush made this self incriminating statement twice. What more do you need to know ?"

On David Ray Griffin's "9/11 Commission Report Omissions":

"It's a lot to read folks, but read it as if your freedom depended on it becaues it DOES!"

"Oh please, are a gluten for insipid pseudo-scientific gibberish?"

"Scholars for 9/11 Thuth have done RESEARCH and had that research verified by pier review [other Phd's].

There are more than 300 Phd's and experts with meny years of service in the military and government. Do you have any experience in government?"

"Wrong: An investigation ENDS with a hypothesis, NIST STARTED with one."

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.
And i don't need a engineer to tell me what i can see with my own eyes."

"I have been doing a lot of research on 911 and spreading the truth by giving copies of Loose Change and a 4 min. video on wtc7 to everyone I come in contact with."

Chris: "You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know a rocket when you see one and you don't have to be a demolitions expert to know a CD when you see one. CD are very distinctive, easy to recognise."

gumboot: "CD is distinct compared to what?"

Chris: "another CD."

gumboot: "???"

"In Shanksville a 575 hit filldirt at a 40 degree angle
A better comparison would be a tennis ball hitting an egg after bouncing off a brick wall."

"Fires in buildings don't burn hot enough to weaken steel I beams. Where you get this stuff, one of those debunking sites?"

"What doesn't make sence is putting fireproofing on steel box beams that are 2 ft. by 4 1/2 ft. and 4 in. thick. Why fireproof something that is fireproof ?"

"This is not rocket sience. Why do you continue to deny the obvious explanation in favor of the 'official' story that even the govt. admits is not likely. Just the fact that most Americans have still not seen this video speaks volumes. Look at this 4 min. video."

"Killtown: Excellent!
Anyone [not in deep denial] who takes the time to study your page,
will agree that the Shanksville crash site is either probably or definately a fake."

"Can you possibly believe that a 757 completely burried itself, tail and all?
The coroner found NO body parts, NO blood."

"At some point you have to stop lying to yourself and accept the reality contained in those two photographs."

"There were NO FIRES anywhere in the building EXCEPT WHERE THE PLANES HIT."

"It took about 5 seconds for me to recognize that WTC7 was a controlled
demolition. It's a no brainer."

"The 5 sec. video of wtc7 falling straight down is the SMOKING GUN that woke me (and Prof. Jones) from our slumber."

"The MOLTEN METAL could have ONLY be caused by THERMATE."

"The fires were NOT near hot enough to melt steel.
Thermate is made to melt steel and is therefore a possibility.
There are NO other possibilities.
End of story!"

"Ever use a kerosene lamp? Kerosene DOES NOT EXPLODE! it burns."

"So, you cannot site another possible cause.
Thats because there is NO other possible cause."

"There simply is no other explanation."

"Weather or not you believe Jones, you won't be able to find a qualified person to say otherwise."

"I can better assess the damage, sitting here at my computer 5 years later, because i can see the other 2 [perhaps 3] sides of wtc 7 that the firefighter could not see."

"Denial will not protect you from reality."
"Please, keep your chops cool and don’t overblow.” –Freddie Hubbard

What's the Harm?........Stop Sylvia Browne........My 9/11 links

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