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Interesting observations, Myriad.

Kevin Barrett, on video and photo analysis of the WTC attacks and collapses:
Scientists aren't necessarily the best people to look at this footage and understand what they are seeing. Why? Because many scientists, especially engineers tend to be left hemisphere people. They're linear thinkers, they are very very good at following a linear path of logic, but it terms of looking at a picture and understand what they are seeing, that is a right brain and that is actually a function that artists are better at than scientists. For that reason, one would expect that engineers, subject to cognitive dissonance that we are all subject to, would in examining this event be very likely to fall into a linear track of thought that would be essentially trying to show that it could have happened the way the government said it did.
A review of the film "United 93" by "UNSCleric," posted on Dylan Avery's Myspace page
I actually saw the movie yesterday, and being a firm believer of the inside job, I think they did a very good job unfortunately. If someone sees this movie before Loose Change, it would make it twice as hard to try and make yourself disbelieve the Government's story. The movie makes the events much more real to the viewer, it's a shame what this movie will accomplish.
Chris Sarns (Christopher7):
You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.
And i don't need a engineer to tell me what i can see with my own eyes.

We don't need a paper trail. There's enough video and documentry evidence to convict Cheney et al of high treason!

We don't need another investigation. A little common sense will do.

Yes, the photographic evidence is enough for me, and any reasonible person.

It's up to us in the US to blow this thing wide open.

This case will be tired [sic] in the court of public opinion...

This issue will be decided right here on the web, the only place where the truth can be spread.

It all comes down to what you are willing to believe.
"Please, keep your chops cool and don’t overblow.” –Freddie Hubbard

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