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Originally Posted by pomeroo View Post
Ace Baker wrote:

Why don't they want to capture bin Laden (or admit he's dead)? Easy. He's
worth much more to them alive and on the loose. Once bin Laden is gone,
they'll have to start over building up the next "public enemy number 1".
This takes time and effort. It's a hassle. The desire for permanent war
transcends the current administration, of course. Popular or unpopular,
hated or loved, Bush and co will be out in 2008.
This is silly for other reasons as well. This vast NWO cabal has the resources to hijack the entire US government, both major parties, and the mainstream media, but they balk at having to "create" a new "bad guy" because it's a "hassle". They'd rather he continued to evade capture and make them look incompetent.

How hard would it be to create a new bad guy? American Idol creates new "celebrities" every few months, and that's with bad music that lots of people hate. Whip up a few new terror attacks, post some new guy's "Boo!" video on Google, and bam! New bad guy, made to order. You get the ever-lasting fear, and you get to look good as well.
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