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Howdy, Brian.

I don't know of a debunking site pear se.

We've had some discussions here, but only touched tangentially on the "acting alone" aspect.

JREFer Z on Tim McVeigh's capabilities

Gravy on CT claims of additional bombs found in the Murrah building

Gravy on CT claims that Federal BATF agents weren't in the building because they'd been "tipped off" about the bombing

Gravy's OKC bomb quiz for Docker (pdoherty76)

Ah, pdoherty76. Here's a quote of his from the above thread:
You admit your not an engineer, yet you constantly cite a body of experts when you defend the collapse of wtc.
I miss the little sock puppet. Sniff, sniff.

Other links (several are PDF documents)

Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee: Oklahoma City Bombing: Was There A Foreign Connection?

Findings from above report:

1) The FBI was not justified in calling off any further investigation into John Doe Two.

2) The FBI did not thoroughly investigate the potential involvement of Andreas Strassmeir and Hussain al-Hussaini, et. al. despite evidence showing they may have played a role.

3) Authorities erred in allowing Timothy McVeigh to move forward the time of his execution while major questions remained about whether others were involved in the crime.

4) The DoJ has not seriously examined new information uncovered by this subcommittee. Specifically: phone records from Ramzi Yousef to a friend of Nichols’ in-laws as well as the name Samir Khalil appearing on an unindicted coconspirators World Trade Center bombing list.

5) Whether or not there was a foreign connection to the bombing is inconclusive. Questions remain unanswered and mysteries remain unresolved.
The Daily Oklahoman and News9 coverage: 9:02 April 19th

OKC Bombing Court TV Coverage (includes transcripts) 1998

Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing, April 19, 1995: Final Report. July 1996.

Oklahoma City bombing after action report

Analysis of Blast Damage to the Murrah Building

Blast Loading and Response of Murrah Building

Using Forensic Engineering Techniques to Obtain Data From the Oklahoma City Bombing

Investigation of Physical Injuries Directly Associated with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Critical Information Flows in the Alfred P. Murrah Building Bombing: A Case Study. (2002)

Media Interaction With the Public in Emergency Situations: Four Case Studies.

Oklahoma City Bombing: Immediate Response Authority and Other Military Assistance to Civil Authority (MACA, July 1997)
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