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The following exchange confirms the suspicions about Kevin Ryan:

Mr. Wieck,

Despite your impressive guest list, I'll have to decline. I'm looking to
clarify the issues with those who either have some basic knowledge, or are
at least being taken seriously. I'm sure you can understand.

Hope you keep your humor as time goes on.


Dear Mr. Ryan,

Mark Roberts has encyclopedic knowledge of the myths and fallacies
promoted by the 9/11 fantasy movement, particularly the ones associated with
you. Accordingly, your unwillingness to face him in debate was widely
anticipated by members of the rationalist community and is something I
readily understand.

Humor, more specifically, a keen sense of irony, is essential for
you and your colleagues in the snake oil business. I maintain my own spirits
by following the Keystone Kops antics of the leading fantasists as they
attempt, with increasing desperation, to keep their absurd and pernicious
theories afloat.

Ron Wieck
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