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Here is a response from Rodriguez himself...

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Dear Lash and Enigma:
You are right, I was very surprised and removed myself from the lawsuit when I read the whole case, it was full of speculation and I did fire Phil Berg.
I did not agree with a lot of things that Enigma rightly says, were put in there by Berg and a group of volunteers from all over that after I removed myself, wrote to me constantly and even appeared on some of my presentations to make me change my mind and return to the lawsuit.
Last I heard from PB was that he was trying to get a First Responder to become part of the lawsuit and re-file. Funny thing is that Iam very involved with them.....

Here is a link from last year:
It says: William Rodriguez wants everyone to know that he is longer associated with Phil Berg's RICO lawsuit.

Phil Berg's website here:

The site is still seeking donations, but Mr. Rodriguez does not have access to the funds, nor does he know how they are used. Just passing this message along from Rodriguez.
Up to today, the site is still up. i sent many emails to Mr. Berg to remove me from it and to bring the site down. He hasn't. Maybe he is still taking donations? Ellen Mariani was also another dissatisfied "customer".
I understand many things attributed to me, when I took steps to rectify, was not documented widely. People like Greg Zsymansky from AFP-wrote exagerated items, so Christopher Bollyn, ther were both fired from AFP.
Bye for the next week.
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