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I found a very long discussion about it at - it's mainly a bunch of troofers deciding what the letters must stand for in order to prove an inside job. There was, however, one post towards the end which seemed to have some useful information. I haven't checked the veracity of it, but the post was made by someone who made the account, made this one post, and hasn't posted since, so I don't think it is a troofer source.

Originally Posted by Beonoid @ letsrollforums
I can't believe I'm wasting time replying to a post this old, BUT...

The part number appears to be 250T1115-2

This would be a valid Boeing part number for a 767 (or 757, as noted below)

The part number is structured using something called WBS, where each part of the number has a meaning. The "2" at the beginning means it is a Systems part. (it would be a "1" for structure, and a "4" for a payloads interiors part).

The "5" specifies a particular subsystem. I think "5" is Electrical subsystems. And the remaining number before the "T is chosen by the major design group to mean whatever they want. The digits after the letter are chosen by subgroups to mean whatever they want.

The "T" by the way stands for 767. "N" is for 757, "W" is for 777, and "A" is for 737 "new generation" airplanes circa 1997. In all cases, "SCD" parts (parts order to spec, as opposed to built to print) have one fewer digit after the letter, and an optional preceding "S": for example, S253T123-2.

Old 737's (pre-1996) and 747's still use the older numbering system: 65B12345 or 69B12345-0.

And just to confuse things more, the 757 and 767 were designed at the same time, and LOTS of the 757 parts have 767 "T" part numbers. This is most noticable in the engines, hydraulics, air conditioning and other "systems" parts. The 757 interior, however, is common to the 737, so you can have some "A" part numbers on 757's and "N" part numbers on 737's.
link to 13th page of the thread. Scroll 2/3 down for the post. The rest of the thread is junk.
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