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Originally Posted by capracus View Post
The floor systems in the twin towers were their Achilles heel. Each floor was able to support an additional 1300 ton static load, the dynamic load of an impacting upper story floor system would be 40 times greater. Once a floor system falls one story into a lower floor it will initiate a progressive collapse. To accomplish the release of an upper story floor, the elimination of 40% of the 168 truss connections would statically overload the floor and set the collapse in motion. All of the truss connections are accessible through the suspended ceiling system, and applying an explosive charge to the top cords at the ends of each truss would be enough to release it from the columns. Since the trusses are covered with SFRM the charges could be easily hidden by covering them with additional spray on insulation. An individual posing as a maintenance worker or building inspector could easily plant two charges a day and complete the operation in 14 weeks. The charges could either be detonated remotely or with a timed initiator.
Interesting vertion of CT belief. We have met a couple of variations on this theme, but it basically burns down to:

"I realize what really must have happened, but I'm so enamoured with the conspiracy idea that I will design one that fits into what happened even if it requires me to believe that special agents rushed in after the plane impacts and planted explosives just for the heck of it."

You know, we talk so much about other requirements for valid theories, like falsifiability, evidence, etc, that we tend to forget the most basic requirement of them all: Necessity. If a theory is not necessary to explain observed facts, it is idle speculation.

Your theory, Capracus, is one such theory.

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