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Originally Posted by Miragememories View Post
No not at all!

I have never used the word "shill" to describe anyone.

If you honestly believe what you say, than you are being true to yourself. That's fair enough.

I honestly believe what I say and that about sums it up.

You can crap on me if you like for not agreeing with your position but that doesn't change anything.

By the way, I don't hate Bush but I do agree he's probably a contender for worst ever president. I see him as a mere puppet being handled by others who are the ones I really hate.



Many of the problems of our post-literate society stem from the growing acceptability of hatred as a response. We "hate" an actor whose films are bad; we "hate" a co-worker whose opinions are valued higher than our own: we "hate" a politician with whose policies we disagree. It never occurs to many of us that rational people do not require intense emotion to undergird their judgments.

Your "hatred" of Bush's policies stems from what? Do you believe that his aim of dismantling al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan was reprehensible because terrorist groups deserve to have a national base for their operations? If not, why the "hatred"? Do you believe that transforming Iraq into a liberal democracy that doesn't threaten its neighbors was an ignoble goal? If your only problems are with the ineffective and incompetently-applied methods to achieve that goal, again, why the hatred? Do you buy the fantasist idiocy that the destruction of the World Trade Center complex, the murders of three thousand civilians, and the plunging of the national economy into recession served no higher purpose than lining the pockets of a few of Dick Cheney's cronies? If so, tell us why so many thousands chose to be complicit in the scheme. Were they compelled against their wills? Compelled by whom? What sort of invisible army can knock into line all the Democrats in the military, the FAA, FEMA, NIST, all the air traffic controllers, the police and fire departments of NYC and Washington, D.C., all the forensic examiners, the Boeing Corporation, the seismologists, the independent researchers of ASCE, the media outlets that printed the names and seating positions of the hijackers--the list goes on. As every sane person recognizes at a glance, the whole conspiracy sand castle is a preposterous, lunatic fantasy. Your imaginary conspiracy could not possibly exist. You profess to hold a belief that is arrant nonsense, and yet, nothing can shake its hold over your mind. Explain.

Your opinion that Bush is a "puppet" for others is based on nothing and makes little sense. Do you really believe it, or is it merely something you say reflexively? Who might the puppet-masters be? Did they surround Bill Clinton, whose policies and attitude differed sharply from Bush's? Will America's behavior toward terrorist groups in the Middle East change under a President Obama, or will he behave exactly the same as a President Giuliani? Is there an actual threat from radical Islam?

Your beliefs, as you have expressed them on this forum, appear unfalsifiable. You swallow uncritically a whole range of thoroughly discredited myths and you remain impervious to fact-based arguments. Is there any reason to regard your promotion of views that are unsupported by even a shred of evidence as anything but mindless "rage against the machine"?
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