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To put it another way, imagine many people in a seaside town encounter strange lights in the sky. Some feel they are alien space craft. Others feel the lights are the work of a "witch" who is casting a spell from afar. The evidence:

1. Newspaper stories reporting the lights
2. Eyewitness accounts of people who saw the lights
3. Testimony of a prominent citizen attesting that the witch caused the lights
4. Newspaper accounts of the witch's occult beliefs and practices

As you can see, some "evidence" - although it may appear concrete - is simply not reliable. Even though there may be a large quantity of it, and some people are convinced by it, the evidence can't be considered conclusive in any way. It would be irrational to conclude the lights are something fantastic like aliens or the work of a witch...when more ordinary explanations (such as chinese lanterns) are available.

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