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There is only one thing slightly wrong with that, CLD.

Surely UFO's or 'aliens' are a world apart from the possibility of very solid animals that exist upon this earth. I don't want to get on to UFO's, but for the record, if any sightings or reports about these are genuine, I do not believe are 'supernatural' in any way - anymore than Chinese lanters are supernatural.

I take your point about 'mass interpretation' (having been at the middle of this I should know), people can - and do - often get things wrong, especially when 'led' by sensational newspaper reports.

The same obviously applies to the 'big cat' stories and sightings. But surely we should not give this priority in assessing other cases which could be factual? You might just as well dismiss ALL newspaper repots, political commentary included, on the assumption that all stories or reports must automatically be false because the content has not been 'proved'. That would be to live in a very 'cold world', surely?

By the way, I wonder who this (obviously very powerful) 'witch' you referred to could be!?

David Farrant
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