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Originally Posted by Doug Plumb View Post
No one stays on the AE911truth as an eng or architect unless we see their diploma
I have a question for Doug Plumb about the qualifications of some of the members listed as belonging to ae911truth ... in particular, those who claim to be structural or civil engineers ... and thus presumably have some actual expertise in subjects related to the collapse of structures.

Is "Haluk Akol, Architect & Structural Engineer, Lafayette, CA" really a structural engineer, Doug? I can find nothing to indicate that. Something written about his son on the web states that "His father, Haluk was an architect who came from Istanbul in 1945." And note that would make him over 80 years old.

How about "James Brooks, B. Civil Eng, University of Texas, Engineering Consultant"? I can't find anything on the web about him. Nothing at the University of Texas either. Who does he work for? What has he been working on since graduation? When was that?

"Jason Griffin, BS, Civil Engineer Washington Dc" is listed elsewhere as belonging to ASCE and being a project coordinator. But again, what is his actual experience. Is it water treatment? Foundation engineering? Highway engineering? Without knowing more, it's impossible to tell whether he actually has any relevant qualifications.

"Ted Muga, BSCE, Civil Engineer, San Diego, CA" is described on the Scholars for 9/11 *Truth* website as a "naval aviator, commercial pilot, structural engineering". But what engineering work did he ever actually do to merit the claim of being a structural engineer? At the patriotsquestion911 website he lists himself as a retired aviator and pilot. But there is no mention of being a structural engineer. Why not mention that if he is one?

By the way, there is an interview with Ted Muga on the web where he says he retired as a naval aviator in 1985 and retired as a commercial pilot in 1991. Again, there is no mention of his doing structural engineering at any time in his life. A little over half way through that interview, the interviewer makes several false claims ... that there was "a visible lack of wreckage around the site of the hole" in the Pentagon and that "there was no indication that the large turbine engines on each wing of the plane had impacted the sides of the Pentagon. There would have been some mark or small holes or something in the side of the Pentagon. The momentum of those heavy engines would have carried forward with the plane hitting in the side of the pentagon at over 200 mph and made some mark but there was nothing there." Both statements are absolutely false as photos that are readily available on the internet prove. And Ted Muga, claimed structural engineer, is asked about this and doesn't correct him. No, instead he claims the plane wreckage and contents (fuselage fragments, wing fragments, seats, etc) should have been strewn all over the front of the pentagon. He says that the engines didn't damage the building but should have. He claims that the fuselage and most of the rest of the plane (other than engines and landing gear) couldn't have damaged the building ... that the fuselage and wings should have shattered on impact. He says "there is absolutely no evidence at all that a large commericial aircraft had gone in there." Well that is absolutely false. So clearly Ted is completely ignorant of the facts about the damage that occurred. But that doesn't stop him from regurgitating the lies of the interviewer because he, like the interviewer, apparently has an agenda so the truth doesn't matter to him.

In other venues, "Joseph Testa, P.E., Civil Engineer, Thousand Oaks, CA" claimed to have "worked in structural steel for years" and "studied major structural collapses." But all we really know about this guy is what he claims. We don't know where he's worked. We don't know what degrees he has. And searching California Professional Engineers returns no hits under that name.

Again, there is no other reference for "Dr. Michael Voschine, PhD., Structural Engineer, Miami, Florida" on the web other than ae911truth's. We have no idea if this a real person, where he got his degree, where he's been practicing engineering, what projects he's been involved in or what he actually thinks.

"Rob Tamaki, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Civil Engineer, Vancouver, BC" is not an expert in buildings. He's on the Small Water and Waste Systems Committee for B.C.. He's about as qualified as you when it comes to structures, impact, fire and collapse.

"John Franklin, P.E." Surely you can tell us more than that. What is his expertise and experience? Why is so little information provided if you've checked these folks credentials out?

"Peter Gibbons P.E., Professional Engineer" Same complaint.

Next we have "Rich Reed, B.S. Structural Engineering, UC San, Structural / Soils Engineer" in San Diego, California. Not much else available about him either.

"Robert Tamaki, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Civil Engineer" Vancouver, BC. Same complaint.

"Dennis J. Kollar, P.E., Structural Engineer" Same complaint. Although there is a Dennis Kollar apparently working for Ambrose Engineering in Cedarburg, WI and they do structural engineering. They seem to do a lot of schools.

"Ron Paul LeBlanc, PE, Engineer" Same complaint. Oh wait. Turns out he's in another line of work now ... real estate and selling home businesses.

The ae911truth site lists "Charles N. Pegelow, PE, Civil Engineer. lic Calif CE 26344 (Structural)" as a member. Mr Pegelow has a BS in civil engineering, not structural engineering. That's a separate, higher level degree. His is also a civil engineering license, rather than a structural engineering license. The ae911truth website is dishonest in implying that it is a structural license. Furthermore, it turns out that Pegelow has been working for about 30 years in the oil drilling industry. He spent almost his entire life working on oil drilling platforms. He's not an expert on buildings, much less skyscrapers.

"Warren J Raftshol, MS Civil Engineering, 1982" is listed as from Suttons Bay, Michigan. Unusual name. Could this be the same person? "Warren Raftshol, Suttons Bay, MI 49682 Grape grower, winery owner, libertarian since 1965." And elsewhere on the web he's described as follows "Raftshol, 51, has a scraggly beard and wears wide suspenders, denim shirts and jeans. He's a man with no pretenses. Though he has a master's degree in civil engineering from Northwestern University, he chose agriculture on the family homestead. "Back in the early '80s," he reminds you, "there were no jobs.""

"Massimo Dell'Affidabilitą, Ing., Engineer, Structural Specialist". Well the name is a sure clue that the entry is bogus. Don't you think, Doug?
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