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Originally Posted by Kahalachan View Post
I see some atheists circulating this video around.

Part 2 I'm not interested in. Part 2 is more 9-11 conspiracy stuff which is already being taken care of in other topics. Part 3 demonizes the Federal Reserve Bank. So we could examine that. I know the claim that the FRB always jacks up interest is false, sometimes they want to lower the circulation of money.

But of course it would be a fallacy to say Part 1 is false just cause Parts 2 and 3 are ridiculous. We've got to examine each fact presented and not overgeneralize.

The main reason atheists circulate this around is that it draws parallels between Christianity and astrology. Some of the linguistic claims this video makes is one that I highly doubt. I do agree with the fact Jesus is very similar to pre-existing deities and that many Messiahs were wandering around during Jesus' time.

What I would like us to do is filter out the fact from fiction in this video.
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