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Barry Jennings
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[color=black]Hello everyone. As my first post in here I would like to bring up a couple things.

First of all, I was kind of ticked off the other day when I heard of an eyewitness to bombs in WTC - 7.

After reading what Alex Jones posted, I decided to do some research and found quite easily that the secret witness is non other than
Barry Jennings.

What I don't understand is:

#1 Why the secret?

#2 Why did he change his story?

If you read his original statements, i don't see this story as adding up.

Lets address this time line and please tell me where he heard these explosions!

1- Deputy OEM Commissioner ordered the complete evacuation of WTC 7 at 9:44 AM INCLUDING the 23rd flr. OEM Center.

2- Jennings arrives at the 23rd floor to an abandoned OEM center. Makea a few calls and then is told to evacuate.

3- I have yet to find a time as to when he arrived at the 23rd floor. But lets assume it took at least 5 minutes to evacuate the OEM center at 9:44. We are now looking at about 10 minutes to 10. 9:50AM

4- So Lets say Jennings arrived EXACTLY 5 minutes after OEM evacuated. That puts us at 9:55.

6- Jenning makes a few calls and is told to evacuate. approx.1-2 Minutes. That puts us at 9:57

7- Jennings then heads to the elevator and is waiting, 9:59AM WTC2 collapses the lights flicker inside WTC-7

8- Jennings was waiting for an unspecified amount of time, learned that the elevator did not work so headed for the staircase.

9- When Jennings got down to the 6th floor it was 10:28am. WTC1 collapsed. Jennings and the gentleman he was with were stuck.

So, although we don't have a conclusive time as to how long Jennings was waiting for the elevator or how long it took him to get down the stairs...the fact is. Jennings explosions he heard were WTC2 collapsing.

You can find the times in the NIST report: Before you crap on the NIST report. This is the version Mr. Jennings GAVE!

Even IF Jennings remembered anything different from when he did his counltess interviews and his testimony to NIST...he claims it was AFTER he reached the empty OEM, and AFTER he made a couple phone calls. This time line puts him right at the collapse time of WTC2. explaining the explosions he heard.

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